Friday, March 14, 2008

Meat and More Meat

Today is the long awaited Steak and Blow Job Day. Treat your man to some filetio.

P.S. I am extremely pleased with myself for coming up with filetio. No one else I've checked with thinks this is even remotely funny.


monogodo said...

I found it funny.

amberance said...

...and that is why I like you. :-)

How are your spiders?

David said...

I wish would have read your post earlier. I totally forgot it was steak and blow job day. That would have been a great pick up line, "I'll buy the steak if you provide the blow job"

OK maybe that is not as funny as filetio

Pronto said...


Missed Steak & BJ Day!

And, I get it. Filetio! Good one!