Thursday, March 27, 2008

Amberance Is Not A Nice Person

Greenpeace volunteer soliciting people on the street: It will only take 60 seconds to help save the trees.
Me (without breaking stride): I hate trees.


Jenny said...

You know, one of my good friends runs Greenpeace in this city, and theoretically, I should be mad at you on his behalf, but...I just laughed so hard I almost peed. That's amazing.

amberance said...

It's not that I actually hate trees or even Greenpeace. I actually love trees. What I hate is being stopped on the street by people soliciting me for donations or attempting to educate me things I can find out about on my own time on the internet. People don't take leisurely strolls downtown in general, so if I'm out walking on the street, it's probably because I have somewhere to go. If I want to find out what Greenpeace or anyone else is up to at the moment I can just Google it when I get there.

Tara said...

Why do liberal causes think this is a good way to get people to sign up? Why do college students think this is a preferable summer job to, say, being a lifeguard or interning at Dad's office? Because I can think of few tasks I would hate more than shilling on the street to get people to sign up for Greenpeace. Going door-to-door and asking people to sign up for Greenpeace. That would be my absolute least favorite.