Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Per Pronto's Request

Here's the new haircut. I'm in my "Trinity" outfit, and giving my patented "come hither" look (which is often misconstrued as my "I'm pissed at you" look). Appropriately, I am sitting in the Lovesac at The Liz.


kelly said...

i love it! i agree w/ the comparison to a guy as opposed to a woman. any cool short haircut is more easily described and found on men. when you put the hair on a woman, it instantly becomes 100 times cooler than if it was on the man. yours accomplishes that. :)

Pronto said...

Cool 'do', Amber.

Lovesac.... that's intriguing!

Pronto said...

what, you couldn't find a shorter skirt for your 'coming out' photo?