Wednesday, November 09, 2005

*Gasp* Shocking!

Every day I'm amused by adult type people who have nothing better to do all day than find things to be appalled about. Witness this article from the Chicago Sun Times.

Ok, actually, I shouldn't make fun of this because I AM appalled. "'No one over the age of 25 knows what it means, but I guarantee you that 90 percent of college students know what it is,' Josh said. " You know what? Fuck you, Josh. I know what the shocker is, and I'm nearly 28. Fucking ageist little brat.


mrsteve said...

"Fucking ageist little brat" - hmmmm. How pot-kettle-black of you.

You do seem to always enjoy make light of my somewhat senior to your calendar age.

And yes, I too know what the hand gesture means.

amberance said...

It's out of love.

And also, I was DEFENDING us old people here! We're not so out of touch, you and I. Especially you because you're SO much further from 25 than I am. ;-)

See you tonight!

monogodo said...

Two in the pink, one in the stink, and the thumb on the throttle.

I'm 37.

monogodo said...

Oh, wait, I just described The Stinger.

Tara said...

wow. yeah, I am old. Though now that I am scarred by knowing about this, knowing that Winnie from the Wonder Years (who incidentally went on to become some math whiz at UCLA) knows it too....oh, it's too dirty.