Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Someday, and someday soon, you will stop by Bizzybiz and, lo and behold, there will be a long and involved post about the serious and intense drama I've somehow managed to let envelop me yet again in my life. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry. Mostly it will make you smack your forehead and say, "How does she continually get herself into these types of things time and time again?" That day is not today.

Today what you get is a link over to Heather's Blog where you can find details of an experiment the two of us have cooked up for your inevitable amusement and our probable embarrassment. Though honestly I can't wait for my dare. I'm never happier then when I'm making a complete ass of myself and then photographing/writing about it so that the general public can see me for the shitpencil I really am.

So, to recap, and in the interest of brevity: Drama abounds. Hilarity ensues. Posts are forthcoming.


TheJesusFish said...

Is it Friday yet?

amberance said...

No. But I ate half your cake already.

TheJesusFish said...


That's assault brotha!

Err... theft... GRAND theft.

Hot Heather said...

drama drama drama... i'm a goddamned sucker for it... and a lot of the drama is me!!! woo woo for that

Zwieblein said...

Whatever else has happened or will ensue, the use of "shitpencil" is a seminal event. With your permission, I may incorporate it into my vocabulary.

amberance said...

Nothing would please me more than to get the entire globe using shitpencil. It may be the only way I ever leave my mark on the place. Besides peeing on it or something.