Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Rock This Bitch

Ben Folds! Yay!

Despite the fact that the ceiling of the Riviera was dripping on me for the entire show, and that I was there with Hot Heather who didn't want to be there, and that the opening act was some dude with an accordion and a cymbal (which he played with a drum stick taped to his right shoe), Ben Folds rocked my ass last night in exactly the way I've come to expect of him.

We all got to sing Army, and also Not The Same. And we yelled "FUUUUCK!" and "HAND ME MY NOSE RING!" in all the appropriate places. His cover of Dr. Dre's Bitches Ain't Shit brought the house down. He played not one, but TWO encores, which left me wondering: if we all just stayed there all night and kept screaming, exactly how many encores could we have gotten him to play? Even Hot Heather was forced to admit that the show was a lot of fun, or in her words, "It didn't suck."

Ben Folds will be coming to a city near you. Go see him. He doesn't suck.


monogodo said...

Oh. My. God.

You got the priviledge of seeing Cornmo!

All Hail Cornmo!

Cornmo fucking rocks!

amberance said...

It was interesting to say the least. There's something a tad Tenacious D about his song writing.

daniel said...

[quote]Ben Folds rocked my ass last night[/quote]

Give no head - no backstage passes?

amberance said... my darling, but completely worth it regardless.

amberance said...

By the way, Cryp, did you know he lives in Australia now? Adelaide. Just another reason for me to come vacation with your hot self!

daniel said...

Actually, I didn't know that.

But to me Ben Folds is a name with a huge reputation. I haven't spent the time listening to his music to form myself an opinion, so I guess I'm totally not mr current events on the topic. :)

Just wanted to be naughty.