Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Video Goodness

StereoNinja finished editing my last batch of spare notes last night, which I uploaded to YouTube in the middle of the night because I had dance class earlier in the evening and then promptly came home and slumped to the floor in a heaping pile of pain and exhaustion. I had assumed advanced class was called that because it will culminate in solo performances where we each take off all our clothes to music at the end of June, as opposed to the beginning and intermediate classes where you just take some of your clothes off as a group in class instead of on stage. What it actually means is "HAHAHA you think those abs are in pretty good shape, do you? Let's see if you can do all these exercises without literally breaking into two pieces then you weak, stupid fool." To be fair, pain and exhaustion were a welcome change from how I felt after my "Tricks of the Tease" class on Monday night, which is when we did nothing but turns for an hour and Madame Spinny McVomitpants over here (thad be me) ended up sitting out the last 15 minutes of class to avoid painting the floor with my dinner.

None of which is the point, really. The point is the latest Fifty Shades video is up on my YouTube channel now:

and it should be followed in a few days by the video where I review the Fifty Shades of Grey party game that we are all going to get together to play in March when I'm back in the UK. And holy god, you guys, it is hella ridiculous.

Tonight is bar night so I'll be reading the next batch of chapters and probably tweeting about how much I'm not enjoying myself. Please go out and enjoy yourselves tonight on my behalf.


Laura Mary said...

You know what brings a tear to the Giant Eye? The fact that we are only halfway through!!!! HALF WAY!!!! Has the plot started yet? has it ended? Why won't it just END ALREADY!?!?!?


Sanitized in Wonderland said...

Happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

I am well and truly ashamed that I remember this, least in the fanfic version of this, I think Jasper (now Ethan, the one dating Christward's sister?) is doing his master's degree in psychology in Seattle. Maybe not the same in the actual book, but God what's wrong with me that I have to put that out there?

Anonymous said...

There's a new Twitter account you may like to look at. @50shadesabuse Apparently, it's run by real-life former abuse victims.