Monday, January 14, 2013

Birthday Wrap Up

HOLY CRIZAPPLE YOU GUYS. Thank you SO MUCH for all the amazing birthday wishes here and on Twitter, especially since I barely reminded anyone about it this year! And also greetings to my birthday twins Lola Cherry Cola and Cat Spinster - I hope you both had as wonderful of a day as I did. Because I did. You know why? Because StereoNinja bought me the stupid Fifty Shades party game we're going to be playing at the UK meet ups and you guys, YOU GUYS, it is FUCKING TERRIBLE. I made a video for you of me opening and examining the contents of the box. Let me tell you something, it is a fucking scene inside that box. Unfortunately it won't be ready for a few days because my esteemed video editor is doing actual work that he gets paid for, but that and the spare notes from 11-13 will be up soon.

Other things I got for my birthday:
  • Books (good ones, not this "erotic" novel crap)
  • Dalek socks (which I hope won't exterminate my toes)
  • A giant Reese's peanut butter heart that I plan to crack open and eat the peanut butter out of with a spoon (THERE'S NO WRONG WAY TO EAT A REESE'S DAMN IT)
  • A pirate Santa (I'll say that again. Pirate. Santa.)
  • Drunk with my coworkers Thursday night, a night that culminated in my patented sleeping on the bathroom floor move, a raging hangover all day Friday, exactly zero desire to drink on my birthday, and no posts over the weekend (sorry). Also there were feathers EVERYWHERE.


charlotte browne said...

When I remember/can be arsed to; I will type up a 50 shades of gay spoof that was printed in DIVA magazine. It completely rips of everything that is wrong with how these books are written and I think you'll really enjoy it and it'll be a reward for you having to read this trash :)

Laura Mary said...

I keep meaning to email you about this uk meet up... In fact I will do that right now!

Anonymous said...

Xenu loves him some reeses - Xenu

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the giant Reese's cake? You should get that.