Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hey you guys! I haven't forgotten I have a blog or anything, I'm just on vacation. StereoNinja and I decided it was cold in Chicago so we have escaped to Miami for a little while. There will be stories about our crazy times with the Word Whore from Air Out My Shorts, a douchebag art dealer, shenanigans at Walgreens, and hotel remodeling (aka fights with security). There will not be any stories about Christmas dildos. We also made you a video of my leftover notes from Chapters 7 and 8 in which I give good but vague advice on how to perform oral sex. Also StereoNinja bought me a camera light for Christmas so now everyone can see what my face looks like, so there's that. Back soon with more reviews my little candy canes!

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z-rex said...

i love your blog ! this is the first time i comment and is because i want to know, after fifty shades, would you continue to review horrible books? 'cuz today i was reading the plot of the mortal instruments and i was dreaming about all the awful//awesome things you could say about it !! i'm an adict to bad book reviews and you are practically my dealer (that's the word? english isn't my first language n.nU) so... that's it. you rock. please finish 50 shades! i know is torture but you are my hero <3 tons of love for ya!