Monday, January 29, 2007

It's Funny Cuz It's True

Mass e-mail message sent to my gang of friends from high school:

OK, why hasn't anyone from this group thought this up for their wedding? Simone? John? Leash? What happened?

Simone responds:

that is funny. maybe we could plan it for the birth of baby leash. at the hospital. in hospital gowns.

I responded:

I'm making all you guys do Rhythm Nation at my wedding. Unless a couple of the guys want to get together to do Dick In A Box. (But please do not actually put your dick in the box. Thanks.)

My brother responded:

Who, on this earth, is going to be able to tie your arms and legs up long enough to keep you from running away from a wedding?

This is obviously the most brilliant respose in the history of e-mail.


Mos said...

So, I thought your post would help, but I'm still not sure. Should I chuckle, or cringe?

amberance said...

Oh, you should laugh your ass off, that's finny shit.

simmy said...

i was gonna respond with something quite similar, but thought, eh, maybe not so funny??? turns out, i was wrong. better coming from the brother, though.

and yes, i believe it was christmas eve eve of 1999.

also, question. why, at the bottom of the page right before i post my comment and have to type in the jumbled letters, is there a handicap sign? i don't get it.