Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thanks, I Think

Parent Company Accountant: What's for lunch today?
Me: A glass of water.
PCA: That's it? Are you trying to starve yourself?
Me: Yes.
PCA: You know what you need? (holds up a McDonald's bag) A McRib!
Me: I haven't had a sandwich from McDonald's in 20 years.
PCA: Twenty years? Woah. Are you against trans-fats or something?
Me: I'm against foods that taste like my ass.
PCA: Haha. Hmm. Well your ass tastes pretty good at McRib time.


mrsteve said...

"Hmm. Well your ass tastes pretty good at McRib time."

I don't get it.

Is he -

a) making some kind of sexual request/offer for services during mealtime?


b) making a not-so-veiled cannabilism threat tied to a fastfood marketing campaign?

Or is he just another dumbass who tries to be witty and snarky and just ends up creating a semantic muddle?

amberance said...

None of these. He's an accountant, and was following basic mathmatical principles, notably, If A=B and B=C, then A=C.
Therefore, if McDonald's tastes like my ass, and he believes McDonald's tastes good, then the logical conclusion is that my ass must taste good.

Clearly you have never worked in accounting. ;-)

simmy said...

who goes to mcdonalds over the age of 10 and actually orders a mcrib???