Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Are You Ready to Ruin Some Football?

Is it just me, or does Monday Night Football blow this year? I have seen I think maybe one game that was worthy of the three hours I devoted to it. And I may have just dreamed that one. Last night's turnover festival was almost comedic, if it weren't for Jerramy Stevens' unwillingness to finish running his routes, which just made me angry. And can Joe Theismann and Tony Kornheiser possibly bicker any more? I swear, Kornheiser contradicts everything Theismann has to say just because he doesn't like him.

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H said...

I agree, most of the games have sucked this year. And I also think Jeremy Stevens is worthless. He drops passes like that's what they're paying him for. The loser. Also, he's got some serious bad sportsmanship - enough so that I think he probably deserved that knee to the groin that the Oakland player gave him a few games back.