Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bathroom Faux Pas

Just moments ago, my refreshing private pee was interrupted by another person coming into the bathroom. It turns out it was my co-worker. I learned this not because we ran into each other at the sinks later, but because upon entering she inexplicably announced, "Hey, Amber is in here! I see her toes under there!"



Apparently some people are not familiar with The Rules. You are supposed to pretend you don't notice that there is anyone else besides you in the bathroom at any time. You don't strike up a conversation with someone behind the stall doors, and you certainly don't out the other pee-ers by announcing who they are to anyone else who happens to be peeing. That's why there's doors on the stalls fer chrissakes. Geesh.

I feel so exposed.

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Tara said...

Do you ever read Gene Weingarten? In his columns and his Washington Post chats, there is an ongoing theme and discussion about bathroom behavior including the apparently female affliction of "poop shame" which requires some (apparently many) women to sit quietly and wait while there are other people in the bathroom.