Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ways My Life Will Change With No Mortgage to Pay

  • I will be able to afford to buy groceries with a startling degree of regularity, and without borrowing money from Fish. These groceries will also feature things like meat, as opposed to Ramen noodles. (I might still get the Ramen noodles though, cuz I kind of like them.) Likewise, peanut butter will become an accessory rather than an entire meal.
  • I will no longer wonder things like "Will they really throw me out if I don't pay the rent this month?" and "Do I really need a phone?" and "Will Kristen die of hypothermia if I set the heat at 60?"
  • I will no longer have the option of threatening to move back to Cleveland every time someone in Chicago says something I deem not very nice. (Fish and the bartender's lives will also change by not having to listen to these threats.)
  • I can actually order alcohol at dinner instead of "just a water". I fucking hate water.
  • I will visit the dentist every 6 months, just like I used to. (Shadup, I like going to the dentist.)
  • I will see all the things in Chicago that I should have gone to check out last year, such as the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium. I will eat in restaurants and not have to look like a fool anymore when I'm the only person in the room who hasn't eaten somewhere. I will also visit bars that are not called Tai's Til 4. (Maybe.)
  • No more giving hand jobs for crack!
  • I will pay someone else to do my laundry, instead of spending hours at Bubbleland folding my own t-shirts. As soon as the bartender shows me the proper procedure for this, because heaven knows I'm not going to actually speak to a human I'm unfamiliar with unless someone is there to hold my hand the first time. Money can only solve so many problems.
  • I will visit Kelly in Los Angeles, Heather and Amy in D.C., and Ashley in Arizona. Eventually. I swear.
  • I will join a gym. Who am I kidding, really? I will be able to afford to join a gym, I won't actually do it.
  • I will blog more. Because I will have more adventures. Because I will actually leave the house once in a while. Because I can afford to.
  • Hookers. Lots and lots of hookers. Maybe midget hookers. Maybe I'll even get you a hooker.


Hot Heather said...

oh, so much to say

i'm soooo happy that you'll be able to eat, on a regular basis, actual meals!!!

i'm soooo happy that you can stop stressing about money!!

aaaaaaaaannnnnnnddddddd i want to be invited along on an adventure from time to time... i miss you!!

i love you always!! ~HH

DaytonDude said...

Grats on closing that page!

How about one more item...

- Cable modem and Internet at home, so you can post whenever the hell you feel like it.

deDesertKnight said...

nice blog...a babe doin hookers too just gotta e-mail me - too bad I am in Cali I would do you right...right hard