Friday, July 15, 2005

That's What It's All About

Do you know any of those people who think the entire world revolves around them? You know the type: Constantly steer the conversation to themselves no matter what it was originally about, overdeveloped sense of entitlement, little if any consideration for the feelings of others, excuses for every untoward thing that they do, obsession with their own appearance, bound and determined to be offended and hurt by remarks not directed at them? For example, you say something like, "I'm enjoying being in a committed relationship." and they respond with "Oh, what, so I'm a big fucking whore? You're calling me a whore? Where do you get off saying something like that to me?" Or maybe they run a traffic light and hit someone else's car, and then insist that it isn't their fault at all because they were being rushed to get somewhere, and in fact, the driver they hit should be at fault for making them more late? They're the ones who frequently leave you thinking "Where the hell did THAT come from?" or potentially "What a fucking asshat." Do you know any people like that? Or worse, are you, maybe, one of them?

If so, then let me let you in on a little secret: It's not about you. Really, it's not. I know it seems like everyone is trying to hurt you, or that the length of your hair is important enough to effect the tides, but none of that has anything to do with you. At all. Trust me on this one; I know.

Because it's about me.

Seriously, look at the evidence! The spiders? They're all after me. They seek out not only the location of my bedroom, but then position themselves directly above my bed to maximize their ability to jump on me. They've even taken to attacking my friend Heather in an attempt to torture her into betraying me. Also, baseball: directly related to me. I lived in Cleveland and rooted for the Indians and they sucked. But I move to Chicago and start rooting for the Cubs, and suddenly the Indians are pretty darn good, but now the Cubs suck. Sorry Cubbies fans, that was me. And the nastygrams I get from people if I don't update my blog for a week? I'm obviously the primary entertainment in the lives of millions, checking back day after day in the hopes of learning more about me. Just the other day the entire city of Chicago turned around to check out my ass. The bar around the corner from me keeps my favorite Cleveland microbrew ON TAP. Why? Clearly, it is for me. The crew at my local D'Agostino's knows me by name, I just have to tell them my phone number and they know it's me*. My cat cries if I don't pay enough attention to her (though strangely enough that only happens in the kitchen). My favorite color is green, and the leaves on the tree outside my front window are green. Coincidence? I think not.

See? It's so clear. It's not about you, people. It's about me.

*Actually, Fish has to give them my number. I'm scared talk to the pizza man on my own.


TheJesusFish said...

I wish the world revolved around me. Unfortunately, I lack the ability to "get down". I fear this will forever damn me into a life of success and independent wealthiness.

ps: Sorry to burst your bubble but the Cubs have sucked since... oh... 1906.

Hot Heather said...

oh man... i think you might be wrong about the spiders though... they're out to get me... i swear... they're everywhere right now... i can't find a place to sit sometimes... and i think there's one living in my garage door... i saw it the other day... it's gonna find me and kill me... i totally have you beat with the spiders... and the cubs suck because of me too... i have also decided that... wait... you're just wrong... it's all about ME

Web Swinger said...

Sorry Amber, the universe revolves around an ex-coworker of ours.

sean said...

although you've already been informed, i feel compelled to enscribe it in the stone that is a blog comment :

at the time of writing, the cubs only have one less win than the indians, and an equivalent amount of losses (do the math ... one less game played *gasp*)

clearly, baseball is all about me.

you see ... i'm a sox fan
thus, by default, screw the twins
also, screw anyone else in that same division (*cough* the indians *cough*)
furthermore, screw the cubs (last, and least) ... because of the crosstown idiots composing their fan-base (read: non-Chicagoans)

if both teams (1 in my division and league, 1 being a hated cross-town team) are doing so poorly, and my team is the best in all of the majors ...

draw your own conclusions

(reminder : baseball is all about me)