Friday, November 14, 2014

So Close Yet So Far

Good news, you guys! My dissertation has been marked. Bad news: No one can tell me what my mark is. The professors at my university are participating in a marking boycott. They were actually marked before the boycott began but not finalized by the committee, which did not meet when they were supposed to because, again, marking boycott. When someone in my class asked if we could at least have a look at the preliminary marks, we were told that because dissertations are classed as exams he couldn't tell us.

It's not as big of a problem for me because I have never had any intention of doing something with my degree in terms of a career or more advanced study - mostly I was just planning to shout "GENDER STUDIES!" every time I make a horrible misogynist joke and obnoxiously correct people who confuse biology with gender. But a number of my classmates were meant to go on and study more things, and a lack of any grades to show the coordinators of the programs they want to study means they can't get accepted to said programs. It's a real pickle.

Anycrap, I'm still waiting to find out whether I can write on an academic level or if years of blogging have lead to my being unable to write a coherent sentence without swearing or sarcasm in it.


Dan Bates said...

So what is the point of a marking boycott? Who are they trying to hurt? If it's the school, I'm sure the school doesn't care, as they're still getting tuition from the students. If it's the students, what did the students do to cause the boycott, and what needs to be done to get it called off?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

Sadly this is all about proposed changes to the pension scheme most academics are signed up to. Short version: said scheme has a significant shortfall (let's put it this way, the word "billion" is in there) and will need to be changed to be viable. The weird thing is that the UCU voted on strike (and action short of a strike which covers the marking boycott) action before final proposals had been submitted...

Of course everyone will have a different take on the ethics of the situation but, IMO, it's very unfair on the students.

amberance said...

Thanks, anon, that is far more succinct than I would have been :)