Thursday, July 17, 2014


GUESS WHAT EVERYBODY. I am about to post the long awaited second (or maybe third) to last Fifty Shades Freed review. I know you probably think I forgot about it or gave up, but I didn't, I just had a combination depression/school is hard and takes up a lot of time/everything in my whole life changed at the same time and I freaked out/ wait, where did all my money go so fast? thing going on, and I could barely face blogging AT ALL, let alone writing exceptionally long blog posts about something that I genuinely hate reading and/or thinking about. But I finally got around to writing the review for the chapters I read last November and it's going up in about five minutes, with all the typos and grammatical errors still in it that I will fix after it's posted because for some reason I can see my errors better on the blog itself than I can in compose mode. I don't know, it's a thing. So, yeah. Posting that now. Thought I should warn you. Tell your friends that have given up on me to please come back.


Paul Anthony Shortt said...

Whenever I feel like giving up on blogging, or writing, I remind myself that 50 Shades of Grey exists, and that thanks to you, I can know how awful it is without subjecting myself to it.

Then I get angry that it's made so much money and then I want to write more and make lots of money.

So thank you for making me angry enough to get through my down periods!

Miss Crystal said...

Just in time for the movie trailer that is supposed to be released tomorrow!!!