Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cultural Differences

American classmate: What is that thing?

British classmate: It's for your face. It sprays mist, for when it's hot outside.

AC: That's so cool! I've never seen anything like that!

BC: They're hard to find here. I got this in France. I'm surprised you don't have them in America though.

AC: Well in America we have air conditioning.

Note: This conversation occurred when it was 72 degrees outside.


Paul Anthony Shortt said...

American air conditioning is proof of a divine will. There's nothing like climbing into a cab after walking around the heat of a New York summer for hours.

Maya Berger said...

A meta cultural difference: I had to use an online converter to find out that 72F is 22C.

Also, try working in an office where everyone is from a different country and no one can agree on A/C or open windows. Ugh.

Timothy Vinson said...

As a resident of southern US where it hot 75% of the year, i can say that these are totally a thing. Also was it just a little mist spray bottle thing or was it one of the nice one that has a little battery powered Fan on it?

Jasmine said...

You can get them here, you can get them from Boots. My English boyfriend goes nuts for the stuff, the poor English rose that he is.