Monday, April 16, 2012

Everything You Need To Know About Sports

me: i think you might like hockey
especially if there's canadian announcers, they are HILARIOUS

StereoNinja: i was tempted to watch it but then i decided i wanted to see it with you
I am a hockey virgin
take me................
but treat me gently
its my first time

me: i'm sorry that's not how we do things in hockey


me: so i'm totally crazy with the hockey playoffs

H-town: ugh, i need ESPN
i'm so out of it

me: NBC has some of the games

H-town: i just mean highlights
so i know who in which sport is doing well and who sucks
and so on

me: yeah, that would be good
i can tell you this: the cubs? suck
the indians? also suck
lebron? is a penis

H-town: haha

me: there, you're caught up

Heather: ok good

You're welcome.

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