Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lunchbox Full of Crazy

In the course of one 5 minute conversation with BrownsFan I said:
  • I had $1.68 to spend on lunch and didn't know what to get. (I actually had another $40 but that is bar money and not lunch money.)
  • I need lunch today, as opposed to other days when I don't eat any lunch, because on Thursdays I go grocery shopping before I go to Tai's and the last three weeks in a row I grabbed a box of croutons (despite no plans for a salad of any kind) and proceeded to EAT THE ENTIRE BOX before going to the bar. Today I was eating lunch in an attempt to avoid this.
  • I couldn't go to a little grocery store around the corner because I hadn't been there before and I needed a "guide" the first time so I could learn the "proper procedure". Therefore I had no choice but to get some Doritos from Walgreen's.
  • Despite the fact that I drink enough milk to warrant a cow of my own, I don't like it in my cereal.
  • I hate Oreos.


Aaron said...

I didn't know you hated Oreos. When we go to Boston, how will I get you to try the OUTRAGEOUSLY FANTASTIC COFFEE OREO ice cream from JP LICKS? It's like GOD on a spoon! (If you believe in that sort of thing....and if you like how GOD tastes.)

amberance said...

Easy. You'll order it, I'll eat a bit of yours, I'll spit it out and say it tastes like a sweaty sock filled with old grass clippings, and then I'll have you order some plain old chocolate for me since I don't know the proper procedure having never been to JP Licks. Everyone wins!

Jenny said...

I am also concerned about proper procedure at new places. I'm glad it's not just me.