Friday, June 09, 2006

Current Status

It is 11:52 PM on Friday, the 9th of June, and I am sitting on the couch in my living room blogging. From this we can infer two things:

1) that I am an anti social dork with nothing better to do on a Friday night;
2) that I now have a laptop and internet access at home.

Congratulate me, my friends - when you get back from your, I assume, much more interesting Friday night activites.


DixieBelle8681 said...

I feel your pain Amber, my Friday night sucked as well! I was so bored!!!

DaytonDude said...

You have internet at home now, and no post since Friday, WTF?

amberance said...

Sorry Duder, I was in Galena all weekend and then out last night...the whole entire night. And now I am a zombie and can't even add coherently. Soon, for shizzle.

DaytonDude said...

Aha, so you DO have a life. I knew it!
Hope it was fun and not douchebagified.