Thursday, March 02, 2006

Take That, Bitch

Co-worker I actually talk to: One time my cat wanted me to wake up so she took her paw and smacked me right in the eye.

Me: Wow, really? Kristen never does that. She just head-butts by arm when she wants to wake me up.

CWIATT: That's what Ginger normally does. That was the first time she ever bitch-slapped me.


Cousin Rick said...

I'll take that bitch and I'll raise you a bitch. Oh, I'm all out of bitches (bitch broke). Another Las Vegas reference. I can't spell Ibuprofen either. Just my day to comment. Love Ya.

amberance said...

You know what I love? How we are the only ones who get us. If we were at Thanksgiving dinner, we'd be cracking up right now while everyone else looked at us sideways.

Cousin Rick said...

That's what I'm heifer.